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History of Estonian Defence Leage Tallinn Unit (Malev) Naval Division (NAVDIV) reaches back to 1924, when enginer Eduard Avik started to organize defence for Harbour and Sea Industry building. Before the occupation NAVDIV had more than 240 members and was very active subunit. Unit was re-established in december 1994. Today NAVDIV is one of the four Defence League Tallinn Unit's (malev) exterritorial subunits and is strongly focust in co-operation with Estonian Navy. NAVDIV is currently the only naval reserve force unit in Estonia. In the beginning of 2010 unit had more than 160 members. 





NAVDIV is strongly focused in co-operation with Estonian Navy. One of the main tasks is to provide Liaison Officer service to Navy. NAVDIV officers serve as official state Liaison officers at foreign warships visits. Second main task is ENS Ristna project which is co-runned by Estonian Navy. Main crew of the ship is provided by NAVDIV (reservists) and on each operation Navy provides us with few instructors to run the ship as needed. Other activities are traditional military shootings and educational and social meetings between members.


In 2006 Estonian Defence League organized first time in Estonian history naval fleet. Fleet was held in Saaremaa Küdema Bay with the participation of more than 15 vessels from 8 countries. Majority of the organizing staff members where members of NAVDIV.





NAVDIV is daily led by 5-member board: chief, deputy chief and 3 board members who each have separate areas: training, personnel and resources-logistics. Once in a year majority of members gather for annual meeting to decide most imoortant decisions and to vote new board members (each year there are elections for board member place which has been in duty for longest time).





NAVDIV has it's own flag (blessed on 25.05.2002) and own service medal (established in 8.12.1938), which as of February 2012 has 101 holders. 





Deputy chief: Lt.JG   Oliver Raal oliver.raal@gmail.com
Board member: Lt   Jimmy Karp jimmy.karp@eesti.ee
Board member: Lt.JG   Asko Kivinuk kivinuk@yahoo.com
Board member: Ens   Pelle Peek pelle.peek@eesti.ee





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